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Paris 2024: A Sustainable Olympics and Sustainable Marketing with Alamy

Earth Day, celebrated every April 22nd, is a powerful reminder of our responsibility towards the environment. This year, the theme resonates deeply as we look towards the 2024 Paris Olympics, which are aiming to be the most sustainable Games ever.

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A Green Game: Paris Paves the Way

Organizers for Paris 2024 are setting a new standard for eco-friendly Games. Their commitment includes:

Repurposing Existing Infrastructure: 95% of venues will be existing or temporary structures, minimizing construction waste.
Renewable Energy: Powering the Athlete’s Village with geothermal and solar energy sources.
Reduced Emissions: Encouraging low-carbon transportation for athletes and spectators.

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Sustainable Marketing with Timeless Imagery and an Earth Day Connection

At Alamy, we not only champion responsible business practices, but we also encourage our customers to do the same. Check out our Earth Day blog for even more tips on eco-conscious marketing strategies. Here’s how we can help you achieve sustainable marketing success for the Paris Olympics:

Archival Olympics Gems: Our extensive library boasts a treasure trove of past Olympic moments, allowing you to leverage powerful imagery without the need for new photoshoots.
Timeless Storytelling: Use captivating historical images alongside coverage of the Paris Games to create a narrative that transcends the event itself, while minimizing your environmental footprint.

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Live the Games Like Never Before

With Alamy’s Live News feed, you’ll be at the forefront of the Olympic action, all while promoting sustainability. We deliver winning images moments after they happen, putting you ahead of the news cycle – without the need for expensive, high-impact photography.

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Be Omnipresent with Alamy

From the iconic moments of Olympic history to the drama unfolding in Paris this summer, Alamy is your one-stop shop for impactful visuals.

Save the ‘Live News’ Feed Today!

Don’t miss a single golden moment. Bookmark or subscribe to our Live News feed to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date Olympic imagery as the Games unfold.

Together, let’s celebrate the best of human achievement, embrace the spirit of Earth Day, and make responsible choices for our planet.


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