Sell your iPhone photos on Alamy using the stockimo app. Another way to cash in on your creativity.

Select images from your iPhone, add captions, tag and upload them to Stockimo.

If your image is approved it will go on sale to advertisers, designers, publishers and more.

We'll sell your photos through Alamy, you get your share and you keep the copyright.

Stockimo - The free app from Alamy that turns your iPhone photos into cash

Stockimo is an app for creative people who take photos using their mobile phones, want to make some money and showcase their work to a global audience.

Shoot what you love and be as creative and adventurous as you like. Whether you shoot conceptual stock, quirky creative abstracts or live breaking news, Stockimo provides an easy and accessible route to sales of your mobile photography.

The app provides inspiration through a live feed of ‘customer likes’ giving you real time feedback from buyers on the photos submitted.

If your photos are accepted, they’ll go on sale and the app will tell you when your photos sell. You’ll get paid your share every month if you’ve made over $10.

A great deal for our contributors

If you were an Alamy contributor before we launched Stockimo (Feb 4, 2014), we’ll give you the same commission split you have with us through Alamy (50% compared to the Stockimo standard 20%). It's a different contract to Alamy though, find out more here. Just sign in to Stockimo using the same email you use to sign in to Alamy.