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  • Dec. 12, 1973 - Henry Kissinger in Brussels.

    Henry Kissinger (May 27th 1923 - 29th November 2023)

    29th November 2023

    Henry Kissinger is a German-born American politician, diplomat, and geopolitical consultant who served as United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under the presidential administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Kissinger is both condemned as an alleged war criminal and venerated as a highly effective U.S. Secretary of State.

  • Venetian explorer Marco Polo. Hand-colored woodcut

    Marco Polo (15th September 1254 - 8th January 1324)

    8th January 1324

    Marco Polo the renowned Italian explorer. Polo's extensive travels and writings introduced Europeans to the wonders of the East, revolutionizing maritime trade and cultural exchange. His remarkable journey influenced future explorers and left an indelible mark on global history.

  • Lenin at a deck

    Vladimir Lenin (22nd April 1870 - 21st January 1924)

    21st January 1924

    Vladimir Lenin, a prominent figure in Russian history and the founder of the Soviet Union. Lenin's leadership during the Russian Revolution and subsequent establishment of a socialist state significantly impacted global politics. Even now, his legacy remains a subject of debate and analysis.

  • Salvador Dali painting 1968

    Salvadore Dali (11th May 1920 - 23rd January 1989)

    23rd January 1987

    Iconic artist Salvador Dali, whose surreal works continue to captivate audiences. Known for his eccentricity and distinctive style, Dali remains a central figure in the art world, with his legacy leaving an indelible mark on contemporary art and culture. His masterpieces continue to fascinate and inspire new generations of artists and enthusiasts alike.

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