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Alamy isn't just a stock image platform; it's a playground for creatives like you. We offer fresh, inclusive content that has fuelled the imaginations of brands like Netflix, Ogilvy, and Red Bull. With over 150,000 content creators from across the globe, our powerful search makes finding the perfect creative or editorial stock photos, vectors, 360-degree images, and videos a breeze.

At Alamy, we believe in the power of difference. We celebrate a diverse community of creators and believe it's this very variety that fuels creative brilliance. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment, working with integrity and respect for both creators and customers. We empower our community by encouraging boldness and bravery, taking calculated risks to constantly improve.

Our core values are simple: Your success is our success (we're customer-centric). We achieve greatness together, learning from both triumphs and challenges (team spirit is key). We strive to be better than yesterday, always innovating (continuous improvement is our motto). We embrace creative solutions and aren't afraid to take risks (boldness and bravery pave the way). Finally, we do the right thing, always (integrity and responsibility are at the heart of everything we do).

Alamy is more than just a platform; it's a community that values creativity, celebrates difference, and empowers you to push boundaries. Join us and see where your imagination takes you.

We work with content creators around the world

Our dedicated contributor team support our artists, empowering them to shoot with confidence so that we can offer diverse and authentic content. We're also committed to fostering the future of creativity. With our '100% students' project, we give 100% of the money students make from image sales on Alamy while they study. Become a contributor here.

We’ve made it our business to keep on evolving

Founded in 1999, Alamy was built on a vision to change the world of picture buying. Since then, we’ve evolved. We exist to electrify creativity by acting as a catalyst for creators and contributors, helping you to take risks and realise your unique visions.

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We're on the lookout for brilliant, passionate people who think differently and want to help us build our global business. Explore our current openings or discover what life is like inside Alamy.

Meet the team

Managing Director

Emily Shelley

Emily Shelley is the Managing Director of Alamy and an Executive Director of parent company PA Media Group. She began her career at PA Media as a journalism trainee in 1999 and rose through a variety of editorial positions including Showbiz Editor and Features Editor before moving into commercial and business development roles.
She spent 6 years as the Managing Director of Sticky Content, a creative marketing agency, and has worked with images and video to tell stories her entire career.
As the MD of Alamy since 2020 she has driven the business and its technology forward to respond to changing visual trends and customer needs around licensing, while remaining true to the original roots of Alamy as a home for all creators, agencies and libraries to find global buyers and a fair contribution for their content.

Finance and Operations Director

Lira Mendonca

Lira Mendonca, MBA and CIMA qualified, is Alamy's Finance Director, renowned for her relentless drive to enhance financial performance through process improvement. A confident and culturally aware senior finance professional, Lira possesses a strategic vision bolstered by strong leadership and decision-making skills.
Lira excels in senior management/stakeholder engagement, leading teams, and providing crucial decision support. Her expertise in strategic planning, budgeting, M&A, and business case development ensures Alamy's financial strategies are well-informed and executed effectively. Lira Mendonca is the driving force behind Alamy's financial success, consistently delivering on strategic initiatives and maintaining impeccable reporting standards.

Director of Global Enterprise Sales

Jane Serember

Jane Serember is the Director of Global Enterprise Sales at Alamy, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of enterprise sales. With a proven track record of driving revenue growth and fostering lasting client relationships, Jane is a dynamic and results-oriented leader.
Jane is recognised for her strategic acumen and her ability to navigate complex sales environments. Her leadership in global enterprise sales is marked by her relentless commitment to achieving business objectives and exceeding client expectations. With a deep understanding of customer needs and a talent for building strong partnerships, Jane is at the forefront of Alamy's global success in enterprise sales.

Director of Technology at PAMG

Steven Robinson

Steve Robinson is PA Media Group's Director of Technology. In this role, he is responsible for design, product, technology and delivery across the Group. He joined the company in 2002 and during his time has worked across many businesses within the group, in both hands-on and leadership capacities, designing and delivering innovative digital solutions to global audiences.
Steve is a passionate technologist who is committed to ensuring the Alamy platform is one which can enable and fully unlock the creativity of our diverse customer base.

Head of Content

James Allsworth

James Allsworth is a seasoned photographer and digital media degree holder, having been an integral part of the Alamy Content team for over 18 years. With a profound passion for all things visual, James serves as the Head of Content, shaping Alamy's strategy and ensuring the platform offers a diverse array of captivating visuals to its global audience.
James’ expertise and artistic flair have been instrumental in solidifying Alamy's reputation as a leading destination for high-quality content. With James's innovative approach and unwavering dedication, he continues to inspire content creators and customers alike, driving Alamy's growth and success in the ever-evolving world of visual storytelling.

HR Director at PA Media Group

Jess Taylor

Jess Taylor serves as the HR Director at PA Media Group, bringing extensive experience and a deep commitment to nurturing a dynamic and inclusive workplace. With a career marked by excellence in human resources, Jess is known for her ability to create a thriving work environment and her dedication to fostering the professional growth of employees.
As HR Director, Jess plays a pivotal role in developing and implementing human resource strategies that align with PA Media Group's vision. Her expertise spans talent acquisition, employee development, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and organisational culture enhancement. She is a champion of building strong teams and ensuring that PA Media Group remains a place where talent is nurtured and empowered to thrive. Jess Taylor's leadership is integral to the continued success and growth of the organisation.