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From medical training to virtual tours and e-commerce sites, 360-degree stock imagery provides a realistic immersive experience that can be used to entertain, inform or educate.

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360-degree imagery frequently asked questions

What is a 360-degree image? 

360-degree images offer a full spherical view of the area they have captured, allowing viewers to see what's in front, behind, above, and below them, as if they were standing in the centre of the image.

What are 360-degree images used for? 

360-degree images are very versatile, here are a few ways in which they can be used:

  1. Immersive Virtual Tours - Businesses in real estate, hospitality, and tourism can use 360-degree images to create immersive virtual tours that transport customers to a different world.

  2. E-commerce Enhancement - From fashion to automotive and home decor, 360-degree images can significantly enhance the e-commerce experience.

  3. Training and Education - Educators and trainers can leverage 360-degree images to create dynamic and engaging learning materials. Whether it’s a medical simulation, a safety training program, or an interactive geography lesson, these images bring the subject matter to life.

  4. Travel and Exploration - With the ability to virtually explore breathtaking landscapes and iconic landmarks, travel bloggers, magazine publishers, and websites can transport their audience to the far corners of the world.

  5. Creative Storytelling - 360-degree images open up new avenues for creative expression. Journalists, multimedia artists, and writers can use these images to craft immersive and unforgettable stories that break the boundaries of traditional narratives.

What is the difference between 3D and 360° images? 

3D images focus on creating a sense of depth, while 360° images aim to capture and present an immersive, spherical view of a particular location or scene.