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Why license stock illustrations?

They're essentially limitless

Illustration are only limited by the imagery you can conjure in your head and are therefore perfect when you want to convey fantasy scenes or abstract emotions.

Artistic Harmony

You can build a marketing campaign using illustrations knowing your campaign will flow nicely from channel-to-channel with a consistent aesthetic.

Perfect for storytelling

Illustrations can pack a punch, and often one design can illustrate a strong message.

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Aerial view of Fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) lunge-feeding, with mouth open and throat pouch distended, southern Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California), Baja California, Mexico.

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Stock illustration frequently asked questions

What are stock illustrations? 

Stock illustrations refer to graphics and artwork that's available for licensing from stock image websites or platforms. On Alamy we have thousands of illustrations available for you to license.

What is the difference between stock illustrations and stock vectors? 

Both stock vectors and illustrations are available to licence on Alamy, but they do differ in their creation, and depending on your requirements will depend on which you need. Vectors are EPS ready files which are scalable and editable, whereas illustrations can contain vectors and raster based artwork, meaning they may not be editable.